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CLAUDIA HARFLETT, passed 1st attempt, June 2007 ...read testimonial here
2 years ago I started to learn to drive with a well known school of motoring in Luton, on the basis that I had seen a lot of their cars on the road, so I thought that they must be good. I was so wrong, they were crap! I even changed instructors within the school, but to no avail. I have wasted a year of my life and over a grand of hard earned cash too! I was so impressed with the testimonials on Graham's site, that I had to give him a go. Thank God!! He picked up on my weak spots instantly, told me to "chill" and hey presto! I started with him in March 2007 and I have passed my test 1st time round 4 months later!! And I am not scared to death of roundabouts anymore!! I am recommending him to everyone I know. He is fantastic, patient, and funny!!!! I couldn't have done it without you.
SIMMONE MORING, passed 1st attempt, Aril 2005 ...read testimonial here
Graham taught me to drive at the age of 32 in 2005 and I couldn't have picked a better driving instructor if I'd dug up half of Engalnd! He was patient, never shouts and instilled a load of confidence in me. So much so that I passed first time and 5 days later I drove up the motorway from Dunstable to Birmingham, not a problem! Graham is not just a driving instructor, he's a driving instructor that cares! Obtaining a licence changed my life, I now have a new career and the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. Thanks buddy, you're a legend!
PRIYA KALER, passed 1st attempt, February 2006 ...read testimonial here
I had been learning to drive on and off for years and had quite a few different instructors. I was desperate for a promotion at work but had to pass my driving test first. I joined "The AA" and had no idea who my instructor would be which I was worried about. When I met Graham I was so relieved. He was not only the best instructor that I had, he was the best instructor by a million miles! I really doubted myself but he gave me so much confidence. Every doubt or excuse that I came up with he would counter it. He was a psychological genius with me and considering I have a Law Degree that is no easy task. He even promised that if he won The Lottery, he would still get me through my test. I cannot thank you enough. Good Luck with "Simply the Best".
SHANTELLE DOHERTY, passed 1st attempt, February 2008 ...read testimonial here
Thanks to Graham I passed my test first time with ZERO faults. I had the senior examiner who told me that she had done 12,000 tests in 18 years & that I was only the 12th person in that time to get zero faults. I am over the moon. You showed me everything and made it all possible. Thank you so much.
MELANIE JAMIESON, passed 1st attempt, September 2007 ...read testimonial here
Well. What can I say about you other than you are "THE PERFECT INSTRUCTOR". My mum was so worried about me learning to drive & spent ages trying to find a driving school. I am sooooooo glad that she found you. I got on so well with you, it was like being in the car with my best friend. Thank you for absolutely everything you have done for me.
CHERYL HUNYAN, passed 1st attempt, December 2005 ...read testimonial here
Thanks to you I passed my test with NO FAULTS. Apparently I am in a very elite club now. As you know, I had an instructor before who said that I wasn't doing anything right! My manoevers were terrible & I hated them, but you sorted them out aswell and made them so much easier. You really know what you are doing and you are a brilliant instructor.
PRIYA KALER, passed 1st attempt, August 2010 ...read testimonial here
I would like to say a big "THANK YOU GRAHAM" for helping me to make a big step in my life passing the driving exam. I have just moved to live in the UK from Croatia and already had a driving licence in my country. However, we drive on the right side of the road & I did not feel secure to drive here. I was permitted to drive for one year so I had to pass UK driving test. Now I can say that they are all true. Graham helped me to get the driving skills and I learned manoevers very well which I never learned properly before. For Graham as an instructor and a person I can say that he knows how to get the best of you, giving you confidence and be proud of achievements.
SUZETTE DAVIES, passed 1st attempt, January 2011 ...read testimonial here
There's not enough words to say how great you are! My first instructor used to shout at me and make me cry so when my husband booked a lesson with you I was nervous. I shouldn't have worried because you made things so easy. When I had to stop to have the baby it was a shame but I knew that you would be there for me, so when I couldn't find your number I was gutted. Unfortunately I went with someone else and failed my test. So when you called me up I wanted to cry. The extra work we did showed me how badly he had prepared me. When we did the test I felt ready and confident. I'll never forget you and please be around for when my kids are old enough to learn. Take care and thank you. Hope to see you soon for Pass Plus.
JODIE ANGELL, passed 1st attempt, November 2007...read testimonial here
I am 30 and thought that I would never drive. I was so nervous. It was only because my boyfriend booked me a lesson that I was pushed into it. Right from the start, I knew that Graham would look after me, even when I would panic & freeze, he would be calm. He knew exactly how to encourage me & help me develop. I even managed to lose my licence on the morning of my test and was very worked up as I was setting off on a year long round the world trip in a matter of days. Somehow he managed to calm me down & I passed. Thank you. Graham is definately the best.
EMMA ANGELL, passed 1st attempt, December 2007...read testimonial here
I found "Simply the Best" on the internet and was impressed from the start in how thorough and properly that everything was covered. So much so that I got my daughter to start with Graham on her birthday. She passed before me but that doesn't matter, she is a brilliant driver and it's all thanks to you. You gave us both the confidence to believe in ourselves. Thank you, I never thought I'd be driving but now we both are. It's brilliant and so are you.
DR. LAUREN HUZZEY, passed 1st attempt, December 2004 ...read testimonial here
I had started to learn with another "AA" instructor, had 15-20 lessons, then he disappeared! So I was transferred to Graham and I really wish that I had him from the start. He showed me so much more, explained things to me and was so friendly. He brought the human element to our lessons and treated me like a real person. I couldn't have been better prepared for my driving test or for life on the roads. Thanks so much, you are a real star and it's a shame not everyone is like you!
REBECCA WILCOX, passed 1st attempt, January 2011 ...read testimonial here
I had failed my test 3 times and thought that I would never pass. My sister was learning with Graham and told me that she got on really well with him, so I went along on one of their lessons. I knew straight away that he would get me through my test. None of my previous instructors (I had about 3!) ever told me where I was going wrong with my driving. He explained things so well and actually PREPARED me for the test. I had much more confidence to do the test again because I actually knew what I was supposed to do. Thank you, it's been a pleasure knowing you.
LAUREN BARRETT, passed 1st attempt, February 2011 ...read testimonial here
My test was coming up in Luton and as preparation my instructor was making me drive to St.Albans and back on every lesson. I was stalling all the time and didn't know why. He only seemed concerned with me getting my foot off the clutch. I really struggled with manoevers aswell. He was the 3rd instructor I'd had and I really didn't feel confident or ready for my test, so I cancelled it. I was reluctant to go with a 4th instructor so I was going to give up altogether. Boy am I glad I didn't because Graham really sorted out my problems and gave me confidence. I felt really well prepared for my test and passed 1st time. Thank you very much.
MANU MATHEW, passed 1st attempt, December 2006 ...read testimonial here
It has been a great experience to learn driving with Graham and I am very proud to say that I passed at my first attempt. Graham also taught my Uncle who took lots of lessons with other instructors, but only has 8 lessons with Graham and passed. His greatest quality I think is that he never loses his temper whatever happens or mistakes that you make. As we can see most of his students pass at the first attempt; this is because he trains them to a level which is higher than that of the test standards. I think he is an excellent instructor, very friendly, and I would recommend him to anybody.
SELVIN MATHEW, passed 1st attempt, August 2007...read testimonial here
My son Manu learned with Graham and I was most impressed that he drives not like a learner at all. Graham was very pleasant but also very strict, not allowing me to have bad habits. But he also did not get cross with me. And that is exactly what I needed as I had been driving in India where nobody drives according to the rules at all. It was a pleasure to learn to drive correctly and to pass my driving test also. Thank you Graham.
ANTONY MARTI, passed 1st attempt, October 2008...read testimonial here
I passed first time with Simply the Best with no faults. This was due to Graham's professional expertise, patience & understanding. His friendliness and easily approachable attitude kept me motivated throughout the learning experience which resulted in me passing first time. Graham's level of professionalism maintained throughout the Pass Plus course in which I feel has made me an even better driver.
DAISY TWYFORD, passed 1st attempt, March 2011...read testimonial here
I was recommended to Graham by someone else and my god am I glad I was!!! I needed to do a semi-intensive course while I was on maternity leave so I could go back to work in London, managing to do it in about 2 months. It was extremely hard work but Graham always pushed me in the gentlest way and reminded me why I was doing it, putting my mind at ease. He always filled me with confidence when I just wanted to get out of the car and cry on my bad days! Not only is he a great instructor who knows exactly what he's talking about but he is an absolutely great guy too! Which is what you need when your learning to drive in an intense way. I would recommend Graham with bells on to anyone who will listen!!!!!


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