Lessons and Prices...

The first thing to remember is that everyone is different; people have different abilities and aptitudes for learning different things. Never compare yourself to anyone else. The way that Simply the Best structure your driving lessons depends on your lifestyle and your budget. Some people take one lesson per week, some two, some three. Driving is no different to anything else, the more you practice, the better you become. Unlike with many other driving schools, at Simply the Best you will not be thrown in at the deep end and expected to swim. You will be provided with a structured approach which our experience has shown is the best method of learning, retaining information, and progressing. If you have a certain amount of experience, then your abilities will be assessed, readdressed where necessary and developed further.
Here is a brief summary of what we offer...


A normal lesson follows the above format. It is the way in which most people prefer to learn. Lessons are undertaken one hour at a time once or twice a week. You will learn and gain experience gradually over a period of time.


Basically the same as a normal one hour lesson, but lasting two hours. The benefits of which are that more learning time is available, so you can really consolidate on what you are practising. Although we would recommend two hour lessons, as you will progress more quickly, we will not insist on it as other Driving Schools do.


Subject to availability, we offer what is known as a "Semi intensive course". This is where you would extend beyond the lessons of one or two hours per week, taking instead up to a maximum of four or five lessons. This provides you with the opportunity to drive and practice on a more frequent basis. However, we would not recommend what is known as an "intensive course" or "pass in a week course". Don't be fooled. These courses only work for a tiny minority of people. There really is far too much information to take in within such a short period of time.


Normal lesson (1 hour) £24
Double lesson (2 hours) £48
Pass Plus course (6 hours min) £150
Motorway lesson (2 hours) £50
Semi Intensive course (approx 40 hours) Check for availability

A lesson premium may apply in certain areas

Please contact me to book a lesson.